What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid aka HA

The superpower hydrator! HA is the 'gel' buffer between collagen and elastin fibers that holds and plumps up the skin by drawing in water. As we age, you guessed it we loose HA. This results in dry, flaky, dehydrated skin with pronounced fine lines and wrinkles....arghhh!

HA is found in facial serums, skin boosters such as sunekos, supplements and dermal fillers. You can help hydrate your skin by drinking loads of water, however you may also need a supplement to ensure that water actually gets into the cells rather than staying outside in the blood stream. If the HA has no water available to 'suck up' then it won't work as well!

The main constituent of dermal filler is HA. So if your filler is looking a little 'deflated' its time to up your HA and water levels to give your skin a boost!

Want to up your HA levels at home?

* Add a medical grade HA serum into your daily skincare regime such as Alumier Ultimate Boost Serum.

* Avoid caffeine, alcohol, fizzy drinks, smoking and alcohol as these are dehydrators.

* Consider a hydrating supplement such as H30 hydration which works on drawing water into the skin cells.

* Water is your best friend, add a slice of lemon to a jug for an additional Vitamin C boost, pop in the fridge and drink a glass every hour for glowing skin :)

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