It's Chemical Peel Season

When I suggest chemical peels, patients typically recoil! They are not at all as scary as they sound and are actually my go to treatment for bright radiant skin. I'm going to start with clearing up some of the myths surrounding peels, followed by 'what you need to know' about them! Lets dive in...

Fear- My skin will be a mess!

Truth- Your skin will be red, itchy and possibly flaky for a short period of time. It will be very subtle and won't affect your day to day activities.

Fear - Peels will hurt!

Truth - You may feel a mild sunburn type pain and/or itchiness. Peels are extremely tolerable and are controlled by the professional applying them who will neutralise the peel when certain endpoints are reached.

Fear- My skin is too sensitive for a peel.

Truth- If you have sensitive skin it is best to pre treat your skin with homecare for 3-4 weeks prior to having a peel to enable you to get the best from the treatment. There are certain peels that are specially formulated for reactive, red, or rosacea prone skin and these conditions respond very well to peels.

Myth- One peel will solve all of my skin problems.

Truth- While many people achieve great results from a single treatment, peels are always far more effective when done in a series.

Myth- Chemical peels can't help my skin issue.

Truth- Peels are great for aging skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, redness, stretch marks, dull skin, and more!

Myth- I can accomplish the same results with at home skin care.

Truth- A consistent routine of medical grade products that are matched to your individual skin can yield amazing results. Adding peels will obtain enhanced and quicker results as they work in the deeper layers of your skin. The best treatment is a combination of both peels and topical homecare products!

Right so now I've cleared up some of the common myths for you, the question to ask yourself is:

Do you want glowing healthy skin ready for the party season?

Of course I do! Chemical peels are the perfect treatment to get glowing, healthy radiant skin ready for all the upcoming festivities!

What are chemical peels?

They are a mixture of acids to deeply exfoliate your skin and speed up your body's natural process of bringing fresh new healthy hydrated skin cells to the surface. The result is fresh, radiant skin. This is because peels improve skin tone, texture, un-eveness and certain peels can also treat skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, ageing and hyperpigmentation.

How many peels do you need?