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How to Remove Make Up The Right Way

Make up removal is super SUPER important!

Make up ages the skin by approximately seven years! Arghh! If it's not removed properly (or with harsh products) it can lead to worsening of skin conditions. Therefore, it's vital to remove it gently and thoroughly.

Never ever use a face wipe to remove make up, not only it is damaging to the environment but it doesn't actually remove the make up, rather it moves it around your face. Coupled with this is accelerated aging as we tend to be heavy handed and rub our faces with make up wipes! My advice; ditch the face wipes!

So here's how we should be removing dirt and make up: 1. Wet a microfiber make up remover pad with warm water and squeeze out the excess. 2. Gently move the pad around your face in circular motions, starting from the middle of the face working outwards (avoid the eye area). The fibers will collect the makeup and dirt! 3. If you are wearing eye makeup, rinse the pad. If you have two pads then soak them in warm water, squeeze and place over the eyes. Don't rub, just move gently to shift the make up. If the make up is waterproof then you can add some eye make up remover such as La Roche Posay sensitive eye make up remover. 4. You can now double cleanse your face with Alumier sensicalm or Hydraboost cleansers (pea size amount) and rinse. 5. Wash your microfiber pad with soap and rinse under warm water. Allow to air dry. 6. Continue with your normal skincare routine.

I hope this helps!

Laura Barnes BSc (hons) Nurse Independent Prescriber

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