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How it all began….

I get asked A LOT of questions, so many questions, every single day! You’d think I’d be a pro at answering them by now. Sure, I can reel off the different layers of the skin, which treatments work where and which ingredients you need to get that sought after dewised (thanks Shane Cooper for this awesome word, say it out loud ‘dew-ised’ satisfying) skin. BUT, there is a question I stumble over answering, it makes me nervous, it presents me with a dilemma of how to answer every time it’s asked, and it’s asked A LOT.

‘Why did you choose aesthetics?’ Ah here we go again. Shall I give the answer I now know to be true, before I knew it could even be the answer? Or do I expose the initial drive, the one that 99% of people strive for but perhaps only 1% admit to? Hmmm, first world problems.

As a nurse, I’m perceived by the public as a sweet little doctors handmaiden (now that is a whole other gripe, another blog maybe?!) giving bed baths and patching up skin tears, because I am a humble selfless servant and all I need for my 12 hour shift is a round of applause on a Thursday evening…(don’t get me started!)

It was actually 7 years ago when the idea of aesthetics first entered my head. I was a Parkinson’s Nurse in sunny Cornwall. Our consultant was injecting botulinum toxin (aka Botox) into some of our patients with severe dystonia. It was amazing stuff, it really helped those patients to function more easily. My colleague at the time said to me:

‘My Nurse Prac mate up in Somerset does Botox injections, he’s made enough to put a deposit on a house!’

‘Yeah, but how do you even go about setting up your own business? It’s too complicated and too much of a risk. You’d have no support.’

‘We could do it together!’

‘Hmmm OK Mrs Sugar!’

We never discussed it again. Setting up a business wasn’t even something I had considered before that conversation or again, until July 2019. In July 2019, I had a 3 month old beautiful baby boy, I had moved from Cornwall to Dorchester (via Somerset briefly) and was now a practice nurse. My husband was in the process of leaving the navy and I was doing more and more at work with no thanks and no pay rise.

One day in that July my mum said to me:

‘Oh Laura, did you know Rachel has just started doing Botox and fillers?’

‘Who? What, is she even a nurse?’

‘You know, Sandy’s daughter from Coventry (ah my home town), she completed her nurse training last year.’

‘Oh wow! Good on her, if she can do it, I can too.’

Precisely one week later (after much research, of course, I’m no irrational fool) I was booked on my foundation Botox and fillers course.

Fast forward three years. I’ve now been in business since November 2019, have done many more substantial courses (the first one was pretty shit and shockingly still exists), I’m always reading the new emerging research, constantly revising my technique and offerings and I have a strong commitment to continuing to learn and improve my craft. I work what feels like 24/7 (who knew I’d actually work more since leaving the NHS?!). It has become my passion, some (my husband) would say my obsession. And why is it my passion? Because there is nothing quite like that buzz you get from guiding a patient through their aesthetics journey and seeing them coming out the other end a more confident version of themselves with a sparkle in their eye and a spring in their step! This love and fulfillment for the field is something I would never have known until I had experienced it. And would I be so passionate about it if I didn’t have the autonomy that comes with owning a business?

So how do I answer the dreaded ‘why did you choose aesthetics?’ Initially for better financial prospects or because I absolutely adore helping people regain their confidence and shine bright?! If you can’t already tell the answer then come and see me and then you’ll know.

*Names changed to protect identities.

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