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Opatra Skin Analysis

Opatra Skin Anaylsis Scan

The skin analysis Scan offers us the ability accurately measure up to 2mm underneath your skin to detect levels of sun damage, pores, skin texture, moisture levels and wrinkles. This digital skin analysis enables Laura to effectively target these areas and tailor a unique treatment plan for your skincare needs.

The scan is included as standard whithin your 'Discovery Skin Consultation and Facial'or can be performed as  stand alone procedure at the cost of £30 (review scans £15).  Laura will take a photograph of underneath your skin, which will identify areas of pigmentation, sun damage, wrinkles and other areas that are not apparent to the naked eye.  The scan can also show these areas before they have the opportunity to surface and therefore Laura can really personailse your treatments and skincare as either prevention or correction. 

Areas the scan will analyse:

The Opatra Reveal Skin Analyser uses a 2000W high-resolution digital camera with 3 spectrum imaging to analyse 10 facial problems including acne, UV damage, and wrinkles; producing detailed images and reports.

Wrinkles: Detects Fine and deep lines within your skin, reveals emerging lines developed by the skin laxity which changes as we age.

Pigmentation: Brown spots and melanin distribution are evidence of sun damage, aging, and blemishes. By identifying these areas along with a spot count measurement we can provide you with a definitive approach to correcting any pigmentation concerns you have.

Pores: Identifying key regions of enlarged pores or blackheads and measuring your skins tone and texture using a smoothness score.

Redness: Vascular conditions sensitive/reactive skin are just some of the multiple causes of your skins increasing levels of redness, treating redness can be challenging but By measuring the overall levels of redness the Janus II allows us to target these areas effectively providing you with optimal treatment results.

Acne: Measures the key parameters that cause acne- Sebum (oil measures) whiteheads, pimples, scars, colouring of scars. By identifying these regions we can then tailor treatments for these affected areas.

Complexion: The Scan will reveal your true complexion detecting areas of hyperpigmentation, heightened redness, broken capillaries, hydration, age spots, and blemishes.

The Facial Analysis is completely safe and pain-free procedure and is suitable for everyone.

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