skin discovery consultation & Facial

Do you want glowing, healthy skin?

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of skincare brands and choices? 

Would you like to proactively treat ageing skin?

Do you have dry, dull skin?

Are you bothered by breakouts, sensitive skin or hyperpigmentation?

Would you like to understand your skin make to make informed choices?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then the Discovery Skin Consultation is perfect for you! This consultation is for people that are serious about taking action to improve their skin health.


We will meet 1:1 for a 60-minute session to privately discuss your skin concerns and your desired skin results. You will receive a medical history and Skin Questionnaire prior to your appointment to assess your medical health, current skin care routine plus lifestyle habits. 

You will discover…

  • What your skin type is

  • A deep understanding of how your skin works

  • How to nurture and love your skin

  • Tips and techniques on your skincare regime

  • The skincare ingredients you should be aware of

  • Advice on gut health and supplements that will encourage optimal skin 

  • Your very own customised skincare regime

  • Education on lifestyle interventions to improve skin health

  • Advice on makeup choices

So many times we put ourselves last while we take care of others, but it is time for you to take care of yourself and your skin health! After your session, you will have a customized skin care plan created. 


What is the Skin Discovery Consultation Process?

1. Full History and Skin Assessment
2. We will look at areas of concern and your skin goals

3. Skincare Routine Assessment

4. Lifestyle Assessment
5. We will discuss your current regime and advise on the most effective medical grade products to meet your goals.

6. We will devise a bespoke plan which includes lifestyle, diet, skincare and if required treatment advice and recommendations to meet your goals.

7. A 30 minute bespoke medical grade facial to start you on your journey to amazing skin straight away!

We all deserve to be confident in our own skin and Laura will help you to love your skin again!