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What is Profhilo?
Profhilo has been engineered specifically for “skin bio remodelling”. It is composed from a high-grade Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and stimulates the production of your natural collagen and elastin. Due to its high purity and the absence of additives, Profhilo® offers greater safety and reduced side effects.

What are the benefits of Profhilo?


  • Stimulates the production of all four types of collagen and elastin in the skin,

  • Improves skin tone, textures, hydration and radiance,

  • Increases firmness and elasticity – for healthier, softer skin with more ‘bounce’,

  • Increases facial fullness, with a subtle tightening and lifting effect.​

  • Can be used on the body as well as the face to address skin laxity.


After the age of 30, our skin cells start to loose collagen, elastin and HA resulting in facial volume loss, dry skin, lines and wrinkles.  Profhilo was Awarded the Aesthetics Award for Product Innovation of the year 2022 for it's ability to treat the signs of skin ageing from the inside out (bio remodelling). It’s not a filler, but a HA gel with one of the highest concentrations of HA on the market. The release of HA stimulates four different types of collagen and elastin helping you to combat the visible signs of ageing whilst providing preventative benefits to younger patients.


​Profhilo is the only product known to stimulate the growth of all four kinds of collagen and elastin, smooth out wrinkles and visibly tighten the skin, rather than simply just treating the wrinkles which already exist. Profhilo encourages the growth of elastin to prevent the formation of new wrinkles.

The procedure
Profhilo is injected to 5 precise points on each side of the face. By concentrating a defined volume of profhilo in the most receptive points, HA can diffuse through the skin to stimulate maximum collagen production, creating a natural, balanced refreshed result. On the body 10 injection points are used to treat the area of concern.

What is the downtime? 
The downtime is very minimal. Following treatment, there may be redness and swelling, however this will usually subside within a few hours.  The formula contains a stable form of HA without the addition of cross-linked chemicals that can cause the negative side effects associated with dermal fillers. It’s highly comparable with the skin meaning that the risks are reduced.

How many treatments will I need? 
It is recommended to have two sessions initially (one month apart) to achieve optimum results. In order to maintain results, a treatment session is advised every 6-12 months.

How quickly will I see results? 
Results are usually seen after two treatments. It is then that the increased firmness, elasticity and overall improved quality of the skin will be visible. 



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