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new cryoglobe icey Facial

New Treatment- The CryoGlobe Icey Facial!


This treatment will give a visible boost to the skin’s surface, from the inside out. It uses sub-zero temperature to give a cold shock to the skin, which will send fresher blood to the targeted area. More blood means more oxygen, and a richer nutrient delivery, which flushes away toxins and reduces water retention.The result? Skin that looks and feels plumped and refreshed – all within a matter of minutes!


Freezing temperatures are known to have several effects on the skin. Superficially skin cells are subject to the exfoliating effect of freezing temperatures increaisng cell turn over, which has the effect of improving skin quality, with younger juicier cells coming to the surface. There is also an increased blood flow through the skin due to freezing temperatures applied to the surface. This brings increased oxygen levels which means increased nutrient delivery!

Further effects include moisture retention at a deep level. This give a mild volume increase effect, whichalso subsequently reduces the apparence of superficial lines and wrinkles. And there's more....cryoglobes (due to the freezing effect) improve penetration of skin additives via skin pores which will be held open due to blood flow effects of the reduced temperatures. 


They are a perfect treatment on their own or can be combined with other skin treatments to increase effectiveness. For example, use of the CryoGlobes will increase blood flow into the skin being treated prior to peels or micro needling, and when used post treatment CryoGlobes will increase the effect of serum penetration into deeper tissues of the skin.

So what are the benefits of Cryoglobes?

  •  tighten pores

  • activate blood circulation

  • stimulate lymphatic drainage which provides a natural detox for body and skin

  • increase skin elasticity, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles which will improve the skins overall appearance by stimulating cell regeneration and boosting collagen

  • reduceacne and/pimples through improved blood circulation and drainage of toxins

  • reduce inflammation

  • stimulate cell renewal

  • treat inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis by regulating and normalising growth of skin cells

  • improve circulation in the skin – leaving a healthy glow

So why wait? Give your skin the pampering it deserves and book your facial treatment today!

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